Friday, 18 May 2012

What is the Optimum Deposit Necessary for a Home Loan?

The actual amount required for a home loan deposit is a usual question a mortgage broker gets from the potential borrowers.

The amount of deposit causes multiple implications for the borrower.
Loan providers will certainly expect proof of genuine savings when borrowing more than 85% of the security value. Genuine savings could be shares, cash or perhaps cheque kept in borrower’s account for at least three months. Equity in another property could be indicated as genuine savings as well.
So, these are the examples for various levels of home loan deposits:

No deposit home loans have grown to be increasingly hard to secure, however there are several options to make this possible. Basically, there should be a guarantor (a member of family maybe) who is going to provide you with required deposit. Additionally, it is possible to get a loan provider who will lend as much as possible and then borrowing some additional funds as a personal unsecured loan.

Normally there are several lenders that will borrow approximately 95% of latest purchase value. In these types of circumstances the borrower must purchase Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).
It is well known that the preferred scenarios, easiest approvals and best home loan rates are achievable once borrower can provide over 20% of property value as a deposit. Currently, the lowest home loan rates are achievable as soon as the lending to property value ratio is 75% or less. In these instances, borrower doesn’t require LMI and bank acceptance will be considerably easier to obtain.
Exceptions to the 20% deposit exist for particular professionals (for example medicos) whereby several lenders will give loan to them 90% of the asset value without mortgage insurance.
Obviously, there tend to be a few options for home loan deposit value and more deposit is often the better. That doesn’t mean that individuals with less or no deposit for their home loans are left without having possibilities. The solutions can be found, however the approvals are usually longer and harder to get with the interest rates being somewhat higher as well.

For almost any of these solutions, it is essential to consult with a reliable and experienced mortgage broker. With the choice of over 30 lenders, Mortgage Broker Brisbane can look up for all the solutions in the market, regardless of the amount of deposit the borrowers have.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Brisbane Mortgage Brokers JP Loans Releases a Comprehensive Guide to Low Doc Home Loans & Bad Credit Home Loans through Their Official Blog

Brisbane based mortgage brokers JP Loans have recently published two guides for home loan applicants who are not able to furnish sufficient documents or have a poor credit history. These guides details simple ways to avail affordable rates and fast approval of home loans in spite of bad credit and lack of documents.

Brisbane, Australia (PR WEB),  February 23, 2012.

JP Loans, mortgage broker Brisbane have just published two guides on securing home loans for customers that have credit or document related limitations. These guides provide the potential borrowers who require low doc home loans and bad credit home loans with some useful tips on what to look for, how to minimize their cost of borrowing and ensure they get mortgages approved fast.  To find out more guides and posts about home loans and finance, please visit the company website.  

The guides detail several groups of customers who get their applications rejected due to bad credit that results from minor defaults arising out of unpaid utility bill, several numbers of small defaults, major defaults, or discharged bankruptcies. The guides provide tips on how to obtain up to an 80% lending ratio even with these limiting situations. Extensive research, utilizing available resources, and not to mention creating a decent payment history for the last 6 months can work wonders for bad credit home loans, according to these guides.

Low doc home loans are required mostly for the self employed customers who are not able to provide sufficient financial information as per the lending criteria. This type of loan often only requires an income declaration from the borrower or borrower’s accountant. The guide from mortgage broker Brisbane gives the tip that there are lenders in the market who do not even take liabilities, income, or assets of the applicant into account.    

Talking about low doc home loans and bad credit home loans, the Managing Director of JP Loans John Paynter states, “We have experience in securing excellent home loans for a large number of customers. If you are after low doc home loans or loans for people with bad credit, contact us to discuss options to secure the best financial solution appropriate for your current needs”. Mr. Paynter and his team have helped many such customers to secure hassle free home loans. Meisha R., one of their satisfied customers from Brisbane, thanked JP Loans stating “The service you have provided was very refreshing, and I would confidently recommend you to friends.  I wish you and your company all the very best”. 

About the Company: JP Loans Pty Ltd is Brisbane based mortgage brokers catering to customers throughout Australia. The company specializes in home loans, equipment finance, medical finance and car loans. They not only look for the best solution for now but also for the duration of the loan. They also work with tax specialists, lawyers, financial planners along with many others to deliver you the best scenario for you. What’s more, their service is at absolutely no cost to you!

How to Get the Best Deal regarding Bad Credit Home Loans

There are individuals that would have experienced a bad credit home loan situation. You end up visiting a major bank only to discover that you can’t obtain a mortgage as a result of credit default? So frequently, I have customers just to be surprised at how other brokers or certain banks haven’t managed to help them. 
Usually, you will find four categories of customers for bad credit home loans:
A.        Minor default such as a small utility bill
B.        several defaults which range from small amounts as much as possibly $1k
C.        several non-payments above the $1k amount
D.        discharged bankruptcies and the ones with unpaid defaults
Minor Defaults
Some loan companies may decline a home loan or offer a significantly higher interest rate due just to a small default such as a mobile monthly bill where client didn’t even know about it. If you are within this sort of situation you need to seek assistance of another broker to ensure you get the absolute best home loan package. Loan companies often overlook these sorts of defaults if packaged and shown to the lending company correctly whether it is a major or boutique Loan Company and treat to be a “normal” home loan.
Several Defaults up to $1K
Where client had several defaults, the process is actually more difficult and generally the borrowers won’t be able to get loans over 80% of the purchase value or refinance amount. It's however still achievable to receive below 80% lending ratio at cheaper rates but a mortgage broker will probably need to shop the deal around to a few different loan providers for the best package.
Several Defaults over $1K
Generally in such cases and especially if there are a number of credit impairments a major financial institution loan may well be inconceivable. Usually you will need to turn to boutique loan companies using a competent mortgage broker. The maximum lending ratio could be a maximum of 80% along with the interest rate premium because of this kind of scenario is normally about 2% premium to normal discounted rates.

Discharged Bankruptcies and Unpaid Defaults
Bad credit home loans in this class are often fairly difficult to secure. Having said that, someone in discharged bankruptcy circumstance, has got a better probability of getting a home loan than a borrower with unpaid credit defaults. Most of the majors will take care of a discharged bankrupt but they are just addressed with more caution and scrutiny and lending ratios tend to be limited. Mortgage insurance wouldn’t touch these types of deals until the discharged bankrupt’s credit file has been updated. What's promising for anyone with unpaid defaults is that often there are lenders that may still secure you a home loan deal. You will pay a premium that is at least 3% higher than the going “clean credit” interest rates and once again you'll be restricted in borrowing ratios. Ultimately you need to at least settle any outstanding’s as this will often help you save money and time from having to pay increased interest rates.
So if you are looking into bad credit home loans don’t simply take a no from your financial institution and walk away. Do your homework and my advice is to seek out a very good mortgage broker to research the market for you to get the best solution to meet your needs. 
One final suggestion, if you're looking at re-financing or even debt consolidating other bank debts, regardless of your previous record, as a minimum try and obtain the last 6 months payment history right, as far as most financial institutions are concerned this will likely show good conduct as prior to this it's usually not required to be evidenced.

A Guide to Get Low Doc Home Loans Approved Fast

Being Brisbane mortgage broker, I am often surprised the number of applicants that get rejected by the key banking institutions when they're after a home mortgage. As a mortgage broker and getting access to numerous loan providers and products, I so often find a fantastic solution for a client through the process of low doc home loans.
The definition of Low Doc Home Loans
Low Doc Home Loans are usually loans for self-employed or not in a position to present their lender with sufficient financial information to meet typical financing conditions. People that find themselves in that class of lending would have found it very difficult to find a good mortgage without spending massive amount of time in their search. Often these types of loans come with additional fees and increased interest rates due to customer’s risk profile. 
Low doc home loan is a loan that needs just the self-declaration of your income with minimal prerequisites for actual hardcopy financial details such as taxation statements, bank transactions or pay slips. Usually some kind of revenue declaration might be necessary, usually just to substantiate that a customer is actually solvent. 
Who May want to Apply?
There are many categories that might require undergoing a process of having an approval via low doc home loans:
          Employees with complicated income stream
          Asset rich non-employed people. 
Generally as a loan provider would want to make sure a prospective borrower has had a company and been registered for GST or VAT for at least 2 years. 
Ease-of-use isn’t the only rationale make use of Low Doc Home Loans. Often the tax returns of self-employed people do not reflect their true earnings. An illustration is depreciation, which is a tax deductible expense however isn’t actually an upfront expense. 
In addition, a few businesses would receive decent quantities of their earnings as cash - which regularly wouldn’t find its way to the tax return for that year. Obviously if they were to show their tax returns to the loan provider they’d be rejected or otherwise not able to borrow just as much as they probably may have desired. 
Sometimes a small business may have just been trading for 1 year which is not sufficient history for many loan companies to be at ease lending against. These people would not be likely to have a twelve month of income to show in a tax return and many small businesses might have the majority of their larger expenditures settled upfront, resulting in negative lending situation. 
Just a few loan providers will permit a low doc home loan for PAYG employed individuals; however, this could be a good option for casual employees with earnings distributed around various employment sources. Low doc home loans can be a great option for those with sophisticated bonus and commission structures that the financial institutions would find it hard to fully appreciate as well as unemployed with a formidable asset platform.
What should an Applicant Do?
So if you have exhausted just about all options, and need to have a low doc loan, ensure that you shop around and acquire the best solution. Unfortunately, many people believe that all the financial institutions are identical and since they were turned down by 1 or two lenders, they give up or take up a poor offer.
Before opting to use one of these loans, you should always consult a good mortgage broker and ensure that you make an effort to get at least one of the many loan companies out there to issue you a loan on normal discounted rates. You will probably be surprised what a goof mortgage broker can supply to suit your needs out there.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mortgage Broker Brisbane Insights

Mortgage broker Brisbane reports some signs of increased borrower activity with the investors leading the way. Within the inner Brisbane, mortgage brokers are reporting that is where most of the activity is happening with buyers getting into the higher yielding areas.  There seems to be some confidence to buy a unit as an investment. With the QLD $10k government boost also getting extended, this should give further needed confidence for the market.
Most Brisbane home loan brokers  would agree or at least have the opinion that Brisbane property market has infect reached the bottom of the cycle.  Phone and website enquiries are already significantly increasing compared to the volumes recorder last year.  In addition, rental vacancies and prices have steadied, as well as clearance rates at auctions.  However, investor numbers are still down historically, so vacancy rates are still fairly low.
Looking forward, 2012 looks to be a good year and one would expect the signs of improvement to continue. With interest rates also at the historic low levels and especially some fixed rates been offered at the moment, this coupled with some bargain property prices within the Brisbane market makes for a great time to take a leap of faith for those who have been watching the market for some time.
If you are looking into home loans Brisbane or elsewhere make sure you get solid advice from a reputable mortgage broker within your close proximity to set up the right loan and structure for you and to lay the foundations for successful property investment going forward. Use professionals such as mortgage brokers, financial planners, accountants and the like to get their views on the market also. Don’t just take the advice of friends and family and the local real estate agent. Also a great time for those first home buyers who have been holding off for that right time. That right time is near impossible to predict, but one thing is for sure and that is that these conditions won’t prevail forever. The more the recovery of our domestic economy and also overseas economies looks imminent this will have a direct effect on property prices and interest rates straight away, pointing to a northward trend, how fast that happens we will have to wait and see.